Spa treatments are a very relaxing experience, but it's even better when you are able to share it with someone. Bring your significant other, best friend or mom and enjoy a relaxing massage or facial in the same room side by side. Price includes two people. Great for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or just because.  


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Love at the Spa

Add-on one of the following to any couples massage and take home a special memento of your treatment. *Tax and gratuity not  included.
  • Spoil Me - Enjoy your choice of a delightfully scented Rustic House soy candle burning during your treatment along with complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or wine. $46 per couple (take home candles at end of treatment)
  • Indulgence - Experience the sight of a glowing candle, the smell of a soothing aroma, and the touch of warm massage oil with our new Massage Flame Candle. Enjoy complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or wine. $36 per couple (take home candles at end of treatment) 
  • Pure Bliss - Seduce your senses with our luxurious Apricot Body Oil. Ultra-hydrating apricot oil is blended with an assortment of essential oils and is used during the massage.  Also enjoy complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and champagne or wine. $29 (take home one bottle of massage oil per couple)

A Better You gift cards are perfect for any occasion and all times of the year....
Couples Fire & Ice Massage   50 Minutes $160    80 Minutes $210
Perfect for tired sore muscles this massage begins with warm stones on one area of your choice to relax and soothe. Next a therapeutic combination of deep tissue, Swedish and neuromuscular techniques loosen and relieve tight muscles. As a finishing touch thai muscle cream is applied to one area of choice. 

Couples Revive & Restore Massage    50 Minutes $160    80 Minutes $210
Revive your senses and restore your muscles with this customized therapeutic massage. The Revive and Restore massage includes warm Basalt stones in one area of your choice along with an aromatic blend of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. This massage will provide relief to tight, tense muscles along with sinus pressure and seasonal allergies. 

Couples ABU Signature Massage    50 Minutes  $160    80 Minutes  $210
Our signature massage combines Swedish, deep tissue, and neuromuscular techniques to create just the massage you need, catered specifically to your needs. As a special extra, your feet and hands will be scrubbed using our signature scrub and wrapped in hot steam towels.   

Couples Deep Tissue Massage    50 minutes  $160    80 minutes  $210
Muscles that are stressed will block oxygen and nutrients, leading to inflammation that will build up and store toxins in the muscle tissue. Deep Tissue Massage will get to the core of the problem by working intensely on the muscles and connective tissue to free toxins and restore circulation of blood and oxygen. Generally, deep tissue massage will use slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, whether following or going across the grain of muscles, tendons, and fascia. Remember, with the release of toxins it is important to properly hydrate the body to flush out and eliminate those toxins. 

Couples Hot Stone Massage    50 minutes $160    80 minutes $210
Chosen for their temperature retentive qualities, natural stones can enhance a massage with hot therapy to warm and stimulate.  Depending on your need, natural stone therapy can unlock tension deep within the muscles, relieve stress, or help achieve total relaxation. This service includes hot steam towels on the feet.

Couples Swedish/Relaxation Massage    50 minutes  $160    80 minutes  $210
This technique uses specific strokes and varying pressures to release tension in the muscle and tissues. It includes long gliding strokes, kneading, friction and is generally a light pressure massage. This form of therapy will promote general relaxation, improve blood circulation, improve range of motion, and provide relief from muscle tension. 

Couples Foot Treatment   50 minutes $100
Begin this relaxing service with a warm foot soak and locally made sugar scrub. Nails are trimmed and filed and a foot massage is given followed by your choice of polished or natural nails.

Couples Infrared Sauna Session with LED Light Therapy  20 minutes $30 
Enhance your experience with our Infrared Sauna, proven to alleviate depression, fatigue, insomnia, muscle aches and pain while improving your complexion by increasing collagen release.  
(note - shower facilities are unavailable)

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